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Car enthusiasts often classify development of wheels into different phases. The earliest wheels were merely round blocks of stone. This was followed by wooden wheels and metal wheels. Today, we find ourselves surrounded by chrome, alloy, magnesium, nickel and others such wheels. Ironically, the basic design of the car wheels has remained constant ever since it was first invented. It has a center hub that is fitted to the vehicle, spokes that are connected to the out rim above the wheel and finally the rim that is in constant contact with the surface on which the car is running.

Remove your automobile wheel and you would find that it is still has the three components stated above. The size and shape of these three parts may have changed but the functions have not changed. The wheel is mounted on the vehicle by mounting the hub to the mounting surface. The wheels contain spokes that may even be in the form of metal sheets that connect the hub to the rim. The outer surface is a broad sheet of metal on which the tire snugly fits. The tire is filled with air to facilitate smooth running of the vehicle.

Car manufacturers faced the problem of keeping these three compensate together at all times. Holding these parts together using screws and/or welding was the standard approach. This was before technology intervened. Today, CNC machines are used to create a single cast wheels that do not have different parts at all. Molten metal is poured into the mould and high pressure is used to make a very hard one piece wheel. This is the standard manufacturing process for steel rims car wheels today. The resulting wheel is practically devoid of flaws.

Parts Of Car Wheels

Let us take a look at the three parts in detail

The center is a very important part of the wheel. It is the part that keeps the wheel fixed to the vehicle. The placement of the nuts on the mounting plate is very important. Some wheels are fitted with four nuts while some are fitted with six nuts. Needless to say, you cannot interchange wheels unless the nuts are in sync with the center hub. You cannot be blamed if you find it difficult to identify spokes on modern wheels. The earliest spokes were long stick like objects that connected the rim with the center. Today, each and every part of the center hub may be connected to the outer rim with metal plates. Of course, you still can find old fashioned cars that have distinctive spokes.

The rim is the outer surface on which the tire rests. The rim and the tire finally bear the load of the vehicle. The rim must be very smooth and free of rust as rust particles may tear the tube and lead to a blowout. The concept underlying car wheels is the same for trucks as well. The only difference is that even cheap truck wheels are bigger, stronger and heavier than car wheels. Buy different types of wheels like racing steel wheels for your car and trucks at products.
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